Daily Announcements

The staff of Annapolis West Education Centre would like to wish you a safe and relaxing summer.  See you in September!


Texting: Parents/Guardians are asked not to text or call students during class time - this interrupts class. If there is an emergency, please call the school office (902-532-3150) and we will have the student call you back immediately.  Otherwise, they will return your call during the break.

Off Campus: Now that the warm weather has arrived, students often want to go off campus for lunch or on a free, piling into cars and driving off.  This causes safety concerns as we cannot monitor students on the highway or in private cars.  Students must ALWAYS sign out when leaving school property and sign in when returning.  Students under the age of 16 cannot leave property at lunch or recess.  If they are to be off campus, they must have a note from a parent/guardian.  For those students 16 or older,  there must be a signed form on file for them to be allowed to leave at recess or lunch or in the case of grade 11 and 12s, during their free slot.   A form can be picked up at the office.  (This form was part of the original documents sent home in September with each student).  If there is no signed form on file, it will be understood that your child does not have your permission to leave campus.  Should you have any questions, please contact the main office.  Thank you for your assistance in ensuring the safety of our students.